How to donate

Your support for Grameen in the UK will help us to deliver this service in Scotland. However, we need to continue raising funds over the coming years to ensure our business is sustainable and can continue to support future clients as we grow across the UK.

Methods of Giving

Grameen in the UK can accept donations by various methods;

Gift Aid

Any donations made by UK taxpayers can be made tax-efficient by completing the gift-aid declaration form. This allows us to reclaim tax you have made on your gift, thereby increasing the value of your gift at no additional cost to you.  Gift Aid Form

Legacy: Making a Gift Through your Will

Every legacy pledge plays an important part in helping to lift people out of poverty and welfare reliance.

Stocks & Shares

Individual taxpayers are eligible for tax relief on gifts of shares securities and other investments. You can claim tax relief on the full market value of your gift.

Other Options

Please contact us to find out more about other options for making donations.