Grameen in the UK offers financial support by providing micro-credit business loans to thousands of people who are currently not served by any mainstream financial services. The goal is to improve the economic situation of the  most financially disadvantaged in the UK, initially in the West of Scotland, on a sustainable basis.

We provide a real opportunity for change, enabling individuals to begin to help themselves, their families, their communities and to challenge the cycle of poverty and welfare dependency in the UK.

Who we are

The Grameen Scotland Foundation has been created to focus on poverty alleviation and education across the UK, through the introduction and support of micro credit lending.

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Could Grameen help you?

We can provide loans of initially up to £1000 to help start or expand your business.  Please speak to one of our Community Development Officers in the first instance and they can chat over any ideas that you may have.

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How you can donate

Your support for the Grameen in the UK will help us to deliver this service initially in Scotland. We need to raise another £2m over the next 5 years to makes this project financially sustainable and ensure continued focus on poverty allieviation in the UK.

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